The Thesis of My Dreams

I want you to want me.

I want the hair on your arms,

To stand tall, like pines,

With the glance of my eye.

I want your heart to beat out of your chest,

When I walk in the room.

I want the sound of my voice to lull you to sleep. 

I want to be the thesis of your dreams, 

The shining starlet in your fantasies.

I want tears to form in your eyes, 

When you hear my name.

Because you love me that much.

Because you know you’re lucky I’m yours.

I want you.

The hair on my neck,

Jumps to high heavens when you glance my way.

 When you walk into your bedroom,

The padding of your footsteps,

On your old, 1960’s carpet makes my heart rate race to Indy 500 levels.

It makes my breath catch in my throat,

Like a foul ball at the World Series. 

When you say my name,

When you say “Kelly” in that voice of yours, 

Every bit of me wants to melt into your arms.

You are:

The thesis of my dreams,

The leading man in my fantasies.

Tears form in my eyes, 

When I hear your name, 

When I think of you,


Because it kills me so much, 

That you aren’t mine. 


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