Abba, rock me to sleep,
With my body resting on your warm brown skin,
Which smells like the summer heat and sweat,
As the lush smell of rain hangs in the air.

Because I got my wish and I grew high like a tree,
I painted my face like those ladies in magazines.
Now lost men swim to me from the depths of the sea,
And they kiss me like they’re dead and I’m salvation.

Abba hold me in your arms real tight,
One arm under me like a firm cedar,
A hand behind my head like I’m your new-born lamb.
Because I’ve been running through the garden,
Hollering till my throat is bloody,
For You to hear me and turn it all back.
So I could hold him in my arms again.
So he could be pure white like your summer cotton.
So his fingers could trace my collarbone,
And the only blood on his hands will be the raw skin from his servant’s work.

Abba save me now,
Because sadness is coming for me like vines from the pit of hell.
They curl up from the dirt, tangle around my ankles, and hold me to the spot where I watched him walk away.
I can’t bare to watch the soft twist of his spine,
As he bends down to kiss Delilah,
Her nails digging passionately into his chest,
Her knife raised behind his back.

Abba bring me back to when my fingers were pudgy.

When I had a Kool-aid stain around my mouth.
When I could only go as far as the fence post at the end of the lane,
When the only man I knew was you.
And you’d whisper in my ears and say:
“I’ll love you forever, forever and always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”


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