Bedroom Ghosts


I wish you were this blanket,
So I could be wrapped up in you,
Your skin grazing my skin,
Your smell all around me.

I wish you could be with me as I sleep,
Holding my heel to pull me out of a nightmare,
Watching my face drift into perfect peace,
Hearing me whisper your name as I dream.

I wish you were here in my room,
Filling it’s bare four walls with the enormity of you,
What once simply held my most intimate being,
Expanding to accommodate you into the place you fit just right.

I wish—
I wish you were here with me still,
Your presence still lingers in my room,
Like a ghost after a crime scene,
My body still buzzes where your fingertips touched me,
Come back,
Come back,
Come back,
You feel like home.





Photo by Michelle Albert


3 thoughts on “Bedroom Ghosts

  1. the first two lines are interesting because the wish is for something unattainable, but then the images of smell and touch make it almost real. does thinking make it so, sometimes? then the line “Like a ghost after a crime scene” hints at something seriously wrong. i enjoy the poem’s complexity.

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