Blessing Suubi

I posted this story a few months ago as I was grappling with what I had seen in Uganda when I lived there over the summer of 2013. The moment in this story in particular stuck with me, and I simply could not let it go. I could tell from my training in psychology that he was likely suffering from the effects of trauma, but I obviously couldn’t do anything about it.

Now, I am finishing my master’s degree in social work with a specialization of Trauma Across the Lifespan. With this specialization, I can bring therapy to kids like Blessing in Uganda.

Currently I am fundraising for a trip back to Uganda in January so that I can network with people in Uganda who might be able to use my skills in the future. Please consider clicking on this link to donate or learn more about my trip and my future in Uganda:


Words By Kelly

His name is Blessing Suubi, and he is three years old. He has the pudgiest little face, and a belly that juts out like Santa Clause which accentuates the pills in his worn out onesie. The first day I arrived at Bulrushes Baby Home for orphaned babies in Uganda, he was my welcoming team. I creaked open the black wrought iron gate, and in the 7am cool sunlight I beheld his two foot, chubby, three year old frame for the first time. He waved ecstatically with one hand, and loosely held a bottle with another and grabbed my hand and dragged me around the babies’ home for the toddler version of a welcome tour. He calls me ‘mama,’ which made me feel special for about five minutes until I realized that he calls everyone ‘mama,’ with an energy and enthusiasm that could melt a heart made of stone. He became…

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