Gold painted ceilings,

And light bulbs for stars,

I see you in this coffee shop’s window panes,

That cast light down on strangers shoulders.

I smell you in the coffee,

That hangs in the air,

Filtering through my nose,

Lying in my mouth.

I feel you in the old man,

I see walking on the street outside,

A plastic bag hanging,

From his shriveled hand,

Shivering in his thick, old, leather coat.

And I wonder who cares for him,

And where he lays his head?

My heart melts,

It drips down my rib cage,

When I wonder if he feels known.

But You Lord,

You hold him,

You cradle him in the pool of your palm!

You will cover all his pain,

In one breath of your voice!

Hold up my defeated body,

Let me lean on you so I can trust,

That you will make even his situation,



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