“I Don’t Give A Shit”

“One thing you need to know about me is, I just don’t give a shit”

He says to me with glazed over eyes,

And a beer in his hand,

Puffing his chest out confidently as he stares towards the coast line.


He shifts his eyes to the side to see if his friends are laughing,

To see if I, the cute girl, am laughing,

Like the director of a new play,

Hiding behind the stage curtain and peering out into the crowd to see if they are entertained by his production.



“It’s okay, I don’t give a shit.”

She says to me,

As she looks down and let’s her hair fall in her eyes,

After I tell her how sorry I am that her boyfriend cheated on her.


I can see her skin isn’t skin,

But bulletproof titanium,

Keeping it all out.


She gulps,

And I can see her swallowing down the pain,

Then she looks up at me with glazed over eyes—

“It’s okay…I don’t give a shit.”


“It’s okay…I don’t give a shit.”

He says quieter now,

When it’s just us,

Under the glow of the orange, flickering, fire light.

“My parents were different people than what they preached,

But I don’t give a shit.”

“You know, I’ve lost a lot of people in my life. But…it’s okay…”

And I know what line will fall from his mouth,

With words that have lost all meaning.



“Before, I used to want to be an art teacher for kids. I wanted to be that person who helps kids realize that they want to be an artist. But I…”

He said it under his breath.



My mind stopped listening to their words a long time ago,

And my eyes stopped seeing his body and her hard eyes.

I can no longer smell the drugs and alcohol on his breath,

Or see her empty actions,

Or hear his empty words that are coated in a gold painted veneer.



But I look at them with my soul’s eyes,

And all I see is a little boy,

And a small girl,

Begging for someone to give shit. 


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