I can’t tell the story,

because I am lost for words.


Because all that was said,

Was lies, and performance,

High make-shift walls,

Defense mechanisms,

And hard hard skin.


All that was said,

Was a lost and lonely heart,

Buried beneath the experiences,

You force down so that you can stay,





And I want to take a knife,

And gently peel all those things off,

So that you would let all the darkness bleed out of you.






I feel my heart crumbling,

But not even for myself,

For the pain I feel,

For your dying, scared heart in there,

Longing for someone to search for it,

And bring it life support.



If I tried my hardest,

To reach into your chest,

And search for your heart with my fingertips,

In the inky black muck of your memories,

And I ripped it out of your body,

And held it in my hands,

Would I even be strong enough–



To hold all the pain,

To make it okay,

To clean you out,

And make you new?


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