The Marrow of Life

I close my eye lids,

but oh,

I couldn’t find sleep even if I tried chasing it.

My veins, my body, my world is encapsulated with a passionate love,

unquenched by romance and kisses,

but instead ignited by indescribable beauty that is lost at the tip of my tongue.

I am pacing swiftly,

watching my feet move on their own accord,

my heart beats wildly,

cautiously heightening my awareness,

and I am enraptured by Your songs!

By the glorious movement of dance,

by the desperate stroke of a paintbrush.

How could I rest,

when the world is so beautiful,

when it longs to greet me around every corner?

Let me escape the clutches of slumber so that I can chase after the coat tales of a song ravishing my heart.

Your beauty,

Your passion makes me feel so alive that I can transcend the dull mediocrity of the world.

Your aesthetic touch is like a drug to my veins and I can’t get enough.

I know that I must eventually,

to my dismay,

come down from this high,

but for this moment,

let me suck the marrow out of life.


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