Words With No Meaning

After the battle,

We make adjustments to the walls we put up shortly after the shots stopped firing.

We walk as if there is broken glass on the floor,

tip toeing through the broken promises, hurt feelings, and lies as we hope to keep things quiet for a while.

Our minds flash through images of the way each other’s faces looked,

as the things we didn’t mean gushed out of our mouths like a waterfall we couldn’t stop,

and now our ears prickle at the sound of each other’s breathing,

as we try to ignore the silence in the air that you could touch with your finger tips if you wanted to.

And tomorrow we will wake up

and speak words with no meaning

so that we can pull on the veneer of normalcy like some people put on a shirt or a cloak.

But just because an apple has juicy, red skin,

doesn’t mean that it’s not rotten on the inside.


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