Nobody, Not Even The Rain


I wish I had some way to try to connect with you,

if not through keyboards and brights screens, and mere images of words,

then through a kiss to the air,

which drifts through the cold march wind to your window pane,

through the glass where it will find it’s rest on your hand.

That your hand may know to come and find mine.



And if not a kiss then maybe my eyes could find yours,

through the crowds and the noises and the lives and conversations that float around our head,

I would finally catch your gaze.

And as your eyes bore into mine I know you see so much more of me.

I hope that my eyes will finally connect to you,

I hope that the words that they are saying would make their way through your eyes, to your veins, and to your heart.

Because as it’s been said

“When I see you, I don’t only see you, but I feel you.”



But since I pinch and poke my skin for wishing you were oh so much closer to me,

I will settle to connect with you in my sleep.

And there will be warmth and comfort,

and I will finally be able to feel my legs when I am around you.

I will no longer lose words when I see you, but in my dreams we speak easy.

And your eyes are on mine,

and no longer will my kiss have to travel through the cold air,

but in my dreams,

oh in my dreams,

it will find your lips instead.


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