Miles and Miles

Your feet touch sand,

and mine create friction against my wool socks,

as I watch snow flakes gently glide down,

you watch sun rays lazily hang in your vision.

I pulled out an old map,

and pressed out the crinkles with the base of my hand,

my young skin working out the folds,

so that I could place one finger print on where I am,

and one where you are.

And there in my hands,

it seems quite small,

the distance between you and me.

In fact last night,

in my dream you were here with me,

Accompanying me on my fluffy pillow,

and my faded sheets.

But really there’s miles and miles,

You’re so far away.

But even when you were here,

kissing me,

You and I were still so far apart.

Miles and miles,

you were truly so far away.


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