If someone touched my skin,

I wouldn’t be able to feel it,

because now, I am numb.

And when it rains,

I don’t need a coat,

because I don’t feel it anymore.

And when something snaps, and if it breaks,

to me it’s all the same.

Because I’m too numb,

to feel anything,

being numb is what keeps me sane.

But when I lie my body down at night,

the city in my brain comes alive,

and all my pain washes over me,

and I leave it to God, and to the folds of my sheets


6 thoughts on “Numb

      1. Hello kellytraz 🙂
        I have started a blog and now I have decided to focus on poetry. Please have a look should you get the chance. I hope that you are well. Kind regards, Nomzi.

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