Late Night Demons

Let me loosen my grip so the sand can fall through my fingers,

so my muscles wont feel so tight and raw.

Let me untangle the knots in my stomach that you leave on account of the butterflies and the jealousy,

so I can untangle the defense mechanisms from the sweet compliments.

Let me cover my skin in some kind of protectant because you scare the shit out of me,

but let it be weak enough that I can peel it off in a moments notice because sometimes I want to skinny dip into your eyes.

Please please please tell me that your heart is pure,

let me look at it under a microscope.

Let me see the dirt and the filth in the corner of your soul so that I can show you the scars up and down my back.

Let me be weak and be real, and please tell me you are kind enough for me to bare myself too.

Let me skinny dip into your eyes after I have stripped off all my inhibitions and fears and awful late night demons,

so we can become a happy ending.


2 thoughts on “Late Night Demons

  1. I had forgotten about this poem.. There is something about it, the tangible nerves or apprehension. I don’t know, but definitely one of my favorites. Fantastic.

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